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Porex SA started many years ago as a basic filtration company. The vision was to build a company that supplies top end brands to the food and beverage industry. Since then we have become one of the few filtration and separation companies in South Africa that can supply a full solution to any filtration or separation product.

We are proud distributors for Armbruster, Cadalpe, Eaton, Flottweg and Willmes. We are also the sole distributing Agent for Erbslöh Products for the Wine, Spirits, Beer and Fruit Juice Industries in South Africa.


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Destemming the grape without damaging the grape is one of the greater challenges due to excessive mechanical strain. The solution to this problem can be solved using processing systems from ARMBRUSTER. Gentle and innovative, Armbruster Destemmers & Sorters can help turn a simple grape into a great wine.
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Porex Erbsloh Biochem
POREX ERBSLÖH offers a broad spectrum of process-optimized services and problem solutions including yeast and enzymes for the processing and refinement of fruit-based beverages.
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WILLMES Presses combine the highest processing quality with German engineering skill offering Press Systems that meet the highest requirements of quality and efficiency in grape processing.
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FLOTTWEG has developed and produced a range Decanters, Separators, Tricanter® machines and Belt Presses which have a reputation for extremely high performance and reliability for solid-liquid separation.
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CADALPE products incorporate efficient and cutting edge technology for the wine, beer, distilled drinks and general beverage industry. From Filters to Coolers, Stabilisation and Distillation, their products are guaranteed top quality.
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EATON supplies Liquid Filtration processes for the beverage and food industry. The product range includes Cartridges, housings, Capsule Filters, Bag Filters, Beco pads, Sheets and Disc-filters.
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