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Situated in Vazzola, Cadalpe S.P.A prides itself on continued growth and innovation and aims to make its own contribution to the evolution of the sector in which it operates. Experience and a love of technology, applied to vinification make Cadalpe one of the most important companies in the sector.

Crossflow unit: C41 Tangential flow micro-filtering systems. The capillary polymeric membranes and controlled porosity hollow fibres are the heart of this system.

A high tech solution, offering modern advantages.
The C25 pre-coat filter with horizontal discs and final discharge of semidry coat, provides advantages of great interest to operators, such as:
Perfect coat stability and integrity, even in the case of prolonged interruptions.
Final disc rinsing by pressurized water jets form the feed pump.
Re-constitution of the pre-coat if it becomes clogged due to bad handling or inadequate metering.
Detachment of exhausted coat by centrifugation and its expulsion without the need for vibrations or scraping.
Total filtration of residual liquid in the filter housing.
Refined manufacturing techniques are used for all our models, which are practical in use and comply with PED standards.

These filters are used for wine or beer must, clarified wine of all types, syrups., nectar-type fruit juice, wine vinegar, and concentrated must or grape juice.
They feature perfectly stable integral pre-coat, even in the case of prolonged interruption. They also allow reconstitution of the pre-coat when it becomes clogged due to bad handling or inadequate metering, with integral recovery by means of recycling with the filter closed.

Residual liquid in the filter housing is totally filtered and the discs undergo final rising by pressurized jets of water from the feed pump.

Exhausted pre-coat is detached by centrifugation and ejected without the need for vibrations or scraping.

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