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Wine is a cultural asset. In order to keep alive the ancient tradition, people increasingly use centrifugal separation technology for modern and economic wine production. During the whole winemaking operation, clarification plays an important role. Thus an efficient clarification system often determines the taste, aroma, and character of the wine and therefore its overall quality and its market value.

In 1911, Gustav Otto, son of the inventor of the Otto engine, founded "Gustav Otto Flugmaschinen-Werke" in Munich. On March 7, 1916, his company merged with "Bayerische Flugzeugwerke", which is the official foundation of "Bayerische Motorenwerke" BMW.

In 1920, Gustav Otto introduced and sold a motor-assisted bicycle named "Flottweg" and subsequently built in his new company "Otto Werke G.m.b.H München"., Dr. Georg Bruckmayer bought „Otto Werke München" in 1932 and renamed the company „Flottweg Motoren-Werke". This new company manufactured aircraft engines, motor-assisted bicycles and motorbikes.

In 1943, the company relocated to Vilsbiburg. After World War II, the company manufactured precision parts for the printing industry. To promote a second business, the company started to develop the first centrifuges in the early 1950s. 1956 saw the first Flottweg Decanter, Type Z1, delivered to BASF AG, Ludwigshafen followed by the High Speed Decanter in 1964.

The 3-phase decanter emerged in 1971 followed by the Flottweg belt press in 1984, the Flottweg Sedicanter in 1993 and the Flottweg Sorticanter in 1995. 1998 Brought with it the start of the Flottweg C-type disc stack centrifuges. By 2011, the 8000th Flottweg Decanter had been processed.
Flottweg currently supplies the following products:
Decanter with liquid discharge by gravity   Sorticanter ®
Solid-liquid separation (overflow by gravity).     Solid-liquid-solid separation.
Tricanter ®   Belt press
  Solid-liquid-liquid separation.    
    Disc stack centrifuge (Clarifier) liquid-solid separation
Sedicanter ®   (2-Phase separation)
  Fine solid-liquid separation.      

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