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Despite the sensitivity to the price of machinery within the wine industry, Porex SA believe that when it comes to quality there is no substitute, as the buyer will realise cost savings in the superior end product.

Porex SA is the sole South African distributors of the Willmes Press and ROTOVIB Destemmer. Porex SA is proud to represent Armbruster and Willmes, which is a family business with a track record of producing superior technologically advanced machinery.

In the 2013 season Andries Burger from Paul Cluver bought the first ROTOVIB destemmer in South Africa.” I have previously been involved of many trials of wine machines over the last 15 years, but I have never had as good a response as from this current trial on the ROTOVIB. We have had more than 40 requests to see the new machine and I can proudly say that the results were above my expectation. We have had technical people from other wine companies complimenting the advanced technology of this machine” says Andries. This machine has two systems. ROTOVIB that removes the berries with a vibrating technology and the roller sorter system that removes all stems and leaves from the final product.



Roller sorter is a device that is built in right under the destemmer. This roller sorter is easy to remove and to
  clean as it is built on tracks which slide to the front of the machine.
Roller sorter removes jacks, stems and leaves up to 85% after destemming (depending on the fruit).
For hand-picked and mechanically harvested grapes it is a simple operation, that is maintenance free.
Rollers are easily removable for cleaning.
Adjustable holes for different sizes of grapes with insertable panels. 3 positions: 14mm / 19mm / 24mm.
Direct drive motor driven machines.
Extendable into 2 positions, plus a cleaning position.
Also available as a single unit to enable you to retrofit your existing destemmer. If you have an old unit and want
  to only do sorting directly after the destemming process we can install this unit direct under your current machine.

The new ROTOVIB is a development which adds a linear vibratory movement of the pin shaft relative to the destemmer cylinder. A vibrator is mounted on the pin shaft and the drive is fixed on rubber mountings. The resulting longitudinal motion of the pin shaft is approximately 2 - 4mm at a frequency up to 2 300 oscillations per minute. This additional energy causes a dispersion of the grapes inside the destemming cylinder and allows the reduction of the speed of the pin shaft by approximately 50 - 60%.

The grape stems remain intact when ripe grapes are scrapped scraped the destemming cylinder. The pin shaft speed can be adjusted to the degree of ripeness and the type of grape. This has resulted in a significant increase in the efficiency and enhances the destemmer’s range of application.

Another advantage of this design is the (floating) spring- mounting of the pin shaft, which prevents pressure from being exerted on the grapes. Damage by foreign objects is also minimised. Rotovib achieves higher efficiency for gentle grape processing than other destemmers using rubber paddles on the pin shaft. The destemming cylinder consists of impact-resistant plastic segments with no sharp edges. The gentle destemming process preserves the integrity of the stems and discharges them undamaged. The destemming cylinder can be operated clockwise and counter-clockwise. The new Rotovib is the pre-requisite for high-quality grapes.

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