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Since 1918, the name WILLMES has combined quality workmanship with German engineering skills to bring you the best in agricultural machinery and wine presses.

In 1951, our engineers invented the pneumatic grape press, and we are proud to bring the new generation WILLMES presses to South Africa.

Inert gas presses with a unique draining system are patented by WILLMES.

The Special Materials used are called Flexidrain.
The SIGMA pneumatic press is the flagship of the WILLMES presses. It is possibly the best press in the world.

Thanks to its patent flexible juice channels made from highly developed membranes, it boasts press properties unmatched by any other grape press.
Outstanding must quality, better pressing results even for difficult crops. The advantages of the SIGMA series at a glance
Optimally positioned large perforated screen-thus optimal juice extraction. Vertical juice channels with FLEXIDRAIN technology – patented and exclusive to WILLMES presses.
Controlled and adjustable juice discharge from a single point. Easy to clean, thus greater cost efficiency and better hygiene.
Quick and easy cleaning.    
    Better must quality: less lees, no fine solids.
Quick and easy removal of the juice channels without tools.    
    Low energy and compressed air consumption.
Low energy and compressed air consumption.    
    Very flexible and easy-to-use pressing programs, optionally
Filling position = pressing position.
Durability and reliability thanks to workmanship of the highest quality. Can be used to process small quantities as well as ice win.e
  Filling position = pressing position.
    Central juice drain, automatically controlled juice collection outside of the tank.
    Spare-part guarantee for all pneumatic presses.

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